The information provided on HelpNagar.com is crowdsourced. This means, all the information comes from the people and is shown on the website. This information is provided to help the people of India in this time of pandemic. If you act on any information you find useful from this website then we’ll recommend to first verify that information. Only after verifying that information try to act on it. Try to call the contacts and do a simple Google search that can save you a lot of hassle. Moreover, before giving money to anyone please be extra careful because a lot of people are trying to scam at this time. In fact we’ll suggest you either opt for cash on delivery if the service can be delivered to your place, or if you have to visit the service provider then confirm everything properly before making the payment. It’s your hard-earned money so please be careful before handing it over to anyone. We at HelpNagar do you take money for any service we provide. This website is created and handled by Singh Media Group and through this website, we want to help society in the way we can.

We’ll not be responsible for any of your loss either monitory wise or in other means if you chose to go with the information from this website. We are only trying to help people and we ourselves do not take any money from you. So please be extra careful and stay safe.

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